Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reagan Hagiography

When researching for this weeks blog task, I found that a lot of articles and blogs which have been posted were all for Reagan and his idea's which helped America and its world political image. Whilst at the same time these articles were slating Obama for how he has changed America and how America deals with other countries. Although there were some similarities between the two Presidents.

In an article from TIME Magazine Douglas Brinkley stated that "Obama is approaching the job in a Reaganesque fashion." and he indicated that Obama has a "role Model" and that role model is Reagan. It is argued that Obama has taken some of the same idea's of Reagan and is pushing for them to be put into practice for example changes need to be made to social security and defence budget cuts.

The writer argues that Obama is relying on Reagan and his career to support his own term in office. I think that this shows how important Reagan was and still is. It shows that Reagan is someone to live up to and Obama is being compared to him and people maybe expecting more from Obama because of similarities they may see in his character and the popularity vote which Reagan and Obama both recieved which helped them into their Presidency.

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