Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1980's Yuppie

Yuppie is a 1980s acronym for 'Young Upwardly Mobile Professional Person'.
The word was created by the advertising industry to capture the essence of a particular type of work hard, play hard, ambitious minded city career person
of either sex.

The hectic lifestyle of a yuppie meant that after long hou
rs of work, they would hard;y indulge in free time. We see an example of this in the film Wall Street when Bud's co - worker offers him Nicks Tickets (Basketball) and he turns them down in order to look through the books.

The website or b
log http://www.80sactual.com/2009/10/yuppie.html starts off by mentioning a book called Diary Of A Yuppie by Louis Auchincloss. The story of Robert Service's quick rise to the top in the world of New York law and his love of posh clothes, posh food, boardroom meetings and making money.
Auchincloss himself was a Wall Street attorny so he has the experience and knowledge to make his characters ring true.

The 80’s woman yup­pie would wear a power suit, with a straight knee-length skirt and big shoul­der pads. While on the go they would wear trainers and carry their heels. They would wear brand name bags, and chunky look­ing jew­ellery. Men would wear a basic busi­ness suit, sim­i­lar to those of today. They’d wear a plain shirt, with some black sus­penders. They’d carry a large brief­case, and a brick sized phone to top off the busi­ness look. Their hair would be slicked back, to give them a more ‘pro­fes­sional’ look.

"A yuppie with a yuppie toy in the 1980s - a brick mobile phone. Yuppies also liked filofaxes and wine bars".

"Hello, darling, it's me. Listen, I've got a meeting with the chairman of the board in twenty minutes, and my shoulder pads have gone all funny..."

Although Yuppie was the most popular and well known nickname during the 80's there were also Buppies (Black Yuppies), Juppies (Japanese Yuppies), Guppies (Gay Yuppies) Juppies, Green Yuppies (Enviromentally concerned Yuppies) and Yuppie Puppies (Under Twenty and Offspring of Yuppies)!

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