Thursday, January 19, 2012


MTV first aired in America on the 1st of August 1981, becoming available to viewers all across America, and was developed by John Lack, who was the vice president of Warner-Amex-Satellite, which also owned Nickelodeon. At the time, the idea of showing music videos at all hours via a TV channel was a new and unique concept. This lead to MTV experiencing much popularity and success throughout the 1980’s, and continues to still be successful in the modern day. However like many successful invention of the decade, MTV has developed into many more channels, such and MTV Base and MTV Hits, each of these channels shows a different style of music and TV show.

MTV is an iconic show of the 1980’s because it, like many new creations of the 1980’s, broke into new territory, it became the leader in showing music videos. MTV was a key aspect of 1980’s America as it was a key place to stage both the clothing fashions and the musical fashions of the decade. Although MTV’s main intention was to display music videos of popular music artists of the time, it cannot be denied that it was, and still is a key component of American culture. This continuation of MTV’s popularity is evidence enough of not only it’s significance in American culture, but also in how it became iconic of the 1980's.

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