Wednesday, January 18, 2012

80's Sci-Fi Movies

When asked to think of the 80's one thing comes to mind above all others, sci-fi movies. The 1980's brought us some of the most iconic movies within the genre to date and despite the limitations of technology of the time most of the stand out films of the decade with stand the test of time.

The 1980's brought about the sequels to biggest selling sci-fi franchise of all time with Star Wars: The Empire strikes back and Return of the Jedi as well as Spielberg’s Oscar winning E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, James Cameron's Aliens also Predator, Blade Runner, Robo Cop, Terminator, Cocoon, Star Trek the Wrath of Khan, Ghost Busters, The Twilight Zone Movie (and TV Series) and last but not least Back to the Future. All of these films and more would cement the codes and conventions for the modern sci-fi movie and would spur countless sequels to come over the next few decades and produce some of the highest grossing movies of all time as well as spin off live action and cartoon T.V. series.

The 1980's whilst not the beginning of the sci-fi movie genre would be one of the most important years for the genres development as the creativity and inspiration which produced these iconic science fiction films has arguably not been seen since as whilst the countless spin offs and sequels are a testament to the greatness of the films of the 80's it is also an acknowledgement of the lack of creativity among modern film makers, especially when films such as Avatar are heralded among the great sci-fi films of the 21st century.

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