Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1980's - MTV

The company represented a direct line into the hearts and minds of music consumers around the world, and the their main form of expression was music video. When MTV launched in August 1981 and  “Video Killed The Radio Star” was played through North American households, it represented the ambitions of a company who wanted to significantly influence popular culture. It succeeded in a big way, earning $7 million in advertising revenue in the first 18 months, and remained a critical part of the music industry by leveraging music videos to help flesh out the image of acts as diverse as Michael Jackson and Green Day, Guns n’ Roses and 2Pac. The advent of MTV ultimately changed the landscape of the music industry putting more emphasis on the visual rather than just the audio track.

The "MTV Generation" as they have been known and to which i guess I was a part of have been accused of having a short attention span due to a number of mediums which were made popular in the 80's such as music television, computer gaming and cable television.

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