Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reagan hagiography

Ronald Reagan's Hagiography is the term used in poltics and religious circumstances, for worshiping someone's work, and in this perticular sense it is worshiping Ronlad Reagan's legarcy as the 40th President of the United States.

While resarching for the this task, I came across the website called On is an artical entilted Reagan Worship in where it discusses in deatil the media and conutrys obsesstion with Regan and its long term affects on the nation and Regan himself, with long term illness.

In the artical is states,

“Ronald Reagan is a sort of masterpiece of American magic — apparently one of the simplest, most uncomplicated creatures alive, and yet a character of rich meanings, of complexities that connect him with the myths and powers of his country in an unprecedented way,” trumpeted Time magazine. “He is a Prospero of American memories, a magician who carries a bright, ideal America like a holograph in his mind and projects its image in the air.”

What’s telling is that that passage wasn’t published this week. It comes from a cover story dated July 7, 1986, written by Lance Morrow. The 3,700-word essay serves as a critical reminder that, despite conservative charges of its liberal bias, the press has been fawning over Reagan for years. And this week’s uncritical treatment of the 40th president is a natural culmination of what has been going on for the past quarter of a century

While the artical from Salon is not exactly worhiping Raagan's work but clearly studying the reasons why Reagan is worship for so long as one of the best modern presidences. The artical goes on to say that the director of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University, Alex jones said that “I think when somebody dies there’s a tendency for the press to view them through rose-colored glasses. It’s only polite,” Meaning that when an iconic figure dies they are always remembered for the greatness they did and their hidden secrets and dark shaddes of their lifes are forgotten out of respect for the death. Michael Jackson himself is a great example for this.

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