Monday, January 23, 2012

Reagan Hagiography

This book by Paul Slansky was out of print for two decades and was re issued in honour of Reagans 100th Birthday. It relates to the timeline of Ronald Reagan and breaks down his years as President.

From reasearching about Reagon I feel that many people have been embarrassed by what happened during his term however he then went on to win again. I feel that this book should be read by all Americans in case another Presidency like this happens again.

There are many similarities seen in this book between Reagan and Obama, quoting from Ken Layne article of the book,
"Ronald Reagan was exactly the way to “bring fun back” to a nation crippled by recession, unemployment, lost wars and humiliation in the Middle East. (Hah, sound familiar?)"

After reading some of the material in the book I feel that the writer Slansky never really forgot that this President was an actor and that his time in office was a film itself. The book even includes "Hollywood Happenings" that you wuld usually find in magazines; such as Natalie Woods death, the death of John Lennon and even dates when the Preseident got his haircut.

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