Thursday, February 2, 2012


After searching for the word "Yuppie" on Google, and trawling through pages of predictable search answers, I found this - the lyrics to a song called "Yuppies", giving quite a detailed albeit stereotypical view of a Yuppie.

The song itself is quite an angry song, clearly someone wrote it who didn't like Yuppies, but the interesting thing is that the band who wrote the song, Sloppy Seconds, were a band formed in the eighties, influenced by other rock bands like the Ramones, yet the video on Youtube was uploaded in November of 2011. This shows that this culture is still evident today, and the power of music is that it can do that - it's timeless. What it also reflects is the class divide still in culture today between almost the rich and the poor. These Yuppies - the Young Urban Professionals versus those people who wrote and agree with this song, more working class individuals, reflects society now and the difference between the working class in modern day in America and the upper class, although I'm not sure anybody's written a song about that one..

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