Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yuppies - American Psycho

American Psycho portays Justin Bateman as a Yuppie Serial Killer, it is the story of a delusional man who works on Wall Street in the mid 1980's who feels the need to kill in order to supress his boredom. The film not only focuses on the derranged main character's delusions and murders but also on the shallowness of the Yuppie lifestyle. There are many scenes in the film which seem to mock the Yuppie lifestyle and obsession with material things and appearance. Bateman's character is obsessed with his appearance and also such minor things as a business card holder and who has the best one is trying to show how petty and shallow some of the people in this generation were. Everything is about image and commodity, including women (hence Bateman's lack of moral restraint in killing and consuming them).Moreover, the viewer, like Bateman, is never sure whether his killings have truly happened or whether they are the psychotic manifestations of his deepest desires brought about by the greedy yuppie culture. American Psycho shows the monotonous nature of the work associated with Yuppies and alos the trappings that come along as part of living that lifestyle.

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