Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MJ vs Beyonce

Michael Jackson's 1988 hit Smooth Criminal, is a perfect example of a music video in the 1980s that is iconic and is looked back on today and is held very highly as a great piece of work. One of the most fundamental things in the music video is Michael Jackson’s stunning choreography, including his famous moonwalk and the 45 degree angle lean without cables, were at the time shocking and astonishing and today is still holds the epicenes that it is. Looking back at Michael Jackson today throughout his time as a solo artist, regardless of what the media has portrayed MJ intentions, character and questioning the type of person he is in his later career. His music is still remembered and respect highly instead of all the scandal surrounding him.

Beyoncé’s massive 2008 hit Single ladies is an iconic music video represented through neo noir genera with simplistic black and white outlet, is the theme of feminism, the independence of their gender through the years. Many of Beyoncé songs are about independence as a female, for example, Irreplaceable has the same themes. I also think Beyoncé is the girl of the moment and will continue to be much like MJ was. In 30 years, Beyoncé’s music will definitely have left and impact to last for any years after, it also helps that Beyoncé has had no scandal against her at all.

However, many acts today are accused of copying other artistes and just being the new version of them. Beyoncé is this generations Whitney Huston. The most famous example of copying artists from the 80s is Lady Gaga Vs Madonna. Especially Lady Gaga's song 'Born This Way' and Madonna's 'Express yourself' are argued to be the exact same song. This contributes to the argument that there is no longer any type of new music as it all be done before.

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